Aortic Valve Repair in Egypt

Dar Al Fouad Hospital

Giza, Egypt
Joint Commission International

Dar Al Fouad Hospital (DAFH) make every effort to be known and recognized as one of the finest and top quality medical centers, striving to... Read More

Dar Al Fouad Hospital (DAFH) make every effort to be known and recognized as one of the finest and top quality medical centers, striving to be the safest health care providers in Egypt, gaining recognition in Africa and the Middle East.

Dar Al Fouad Hospital (DAFH), was an idea aimed at establishing a topnotch medical care facility in Egypt with exceptional and high quality medical services, initiated in February 1992. The construction phase began in July 1996, the experts during this phase were Egyptian, American and British construction and consultancy firms. has the support of top medical professionals and management teams both from prominent domestic and worldwide medical organizations.

Dar Al Fouad Hospital enjoys close partnership with hospitals like the Cleveland Clinic and Hartmann Institute among others. With ultramodern facilities, the hospital centers on patient healthcare and well-being with continuous investment in modern medical technologies and procedures. DAFH is recognized for its cardiothoracic, cardiology, vascular surgery and endovascular therapy, oncology, organ transplant, and orthopedics departments, among others.

The hospital has the best certified cardiologist in Egypt and offers “Same Day Appointments” where patients can see the cardiology specialist, run a cardiology examination, get the exam results and are able to see the cardiologist one more time to get the diagnosis and recommended treatments.

Other services are:

General Surgery,
Liver Transplant,
Pain Management Unit,
Orthopedic Surgery,
Pediatric Surgery,
Thoracic Surgery,
and Vascular Surgery among others.

Mission & Objectives

To serve the public through constant education, training and make available excellence medical services, facilities and amenities that promote the maximum quality healthcare.
To carry out this mission, DAFH is devoted to:
Collaborating with reputable institutions (Cleveland Clinic)
Employing the services of the finest physicians and support staff
Investing behind latest technology and cutting-edge techniques
Executing the best hospital systems and medical procedures and techniques suitable for the local environment and customs
Establishing a hub for education and training
Become home to a topnotch operational background for its employees

Dar Al Fouad is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) four times, they were the first hospital in Egypt to receive a JCI accreditation in 2005 and afterwards in 2008, 2011 and in 2014.

As its Director says "Dar Al Fouad Hospital's (DAFH) vision is to be a leader in healthcare services provision through compliance to the best-known international quality standards of Joint Commission Accreditation, for Egypt and the Middle East, and to be recognized as the hospital of choice among patients, physicians, employees, and other stakeholders". Its staff also mentioned that Dar Al Fouad is proud to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) for the fourth time in a row. We were the first hospital in Egypt to achieve JCI accreditation in 2005 and ever since, we have maintained the status of accreditation in 2008, 2011 and in 2014. The accreditation is granted after ensuring the full compliance with JCI standards with focus in the following priority areas; patient safety, environmental safety, patient rights, delivering the highest quality care to patients, safe use of medications, safe use of anesthesia, prevention and control of infection, in addition to ensuring the competency of hospital staff in providing services and continuous training and development of staff. Close

International Medical Center (IMC), is a Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited center in Cairo, Egypt. one of the largest tertiary... Read More

International Medical Center (IMC), is a Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited center in Cairo, Egypt. one of the largest tertiary healthcare center in the Mideast that has over a hundred professionals employed in various medical and surgical specialties.

Established by Egyptian & American expertise and cooperation, IMC became operational in 2004. The hospital accommodates 800 beds and 63 ICU beds and 24 operating rooms.

International Medical Center possesses an excellent and high quality control scheme. There is also available Economical medical care to the populaces attended by International Medical Center. IMC provides the latest procedures of medical treatments and healthcare with the numerous foreign professionals and specialists visiting IMC yearly, combined with modern medical facilities and advanced medical equipment.

IMC has standby ambulances and Helicopters runway to receive the emergency cases. ER department IMC comprises a special division of decontamination of cases with includes chemical, biological, or even radiological contamination.

IMC also has a hotel section, mainly for patient’s families from various governorates or to non-nationals from outside Egypt.

Dedicated to sustain and develop the quality of medical services and healthcare provided to all patient, and to treat all individuals with Dignity and Respect.
steadfast to provide the maximum level of client service by evaluating all activities from the Client prospective.
To be the Center of Training for cultivating the skills of medical and nursing staffs, as well as technicians, among Military Hospitals.
To provide high quality health care and medical services in Egypt by a qualified and compassionate team, consist of Egyptian and Foreign Visiting Consultants.
To minimize the number of Egyptians traveling abroad for healthcare.
To provide services in a competent, effective and economical way.
IMC major areas of expertise include:
Comprehensive cancer center (that offers all modalities of oncology management, Radiotherapy, and Chemotherapy),
Geriatric medicine (Acute care, Day care and outpatient clinic),
PET Scan (Early detection for cancer),
Transplantation team (Renal, Liver and Pancreas), Cardiac Surgery,
Specialized Pediatrics Center & Neonatal ICU,
LG & Immunology Center,
Eye care Center (Laser, Gamma Knife, Surgery, Rational Diseases),
Gastroenterology & Endoscopy,
Neurology & Neurosurgery,
Interventional Radiology department,
Vascular Surgery,
Gynecology / Obstetrics,
Urology & Urodynamics unit,
Plastic Surgery and ENT departments

International Medical Center (IMC) is ISO 9000:2008 and Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited. Close

ASSIH was opened in 1982 as one of the complete medical center and which later opened the door for the whole of the community to experience... Read More

ASSIH was opened in 1982 as one of the complete medical center and which later opened the door for the whole of the community to experience a modern level of care in the private healthcare sector majorly in Egypt.

The renovation and expansion of ASSIH which increased the hospital capacity to 350 beds and the number of outpatient clinic to 50 was done in 2016.

Accreditation of ASSIH with JCI was done in 2013 and in September 2016, reaccreditation of the hospital was done again.

Presently, facility at ASSIH has a 220-bed capacity composed of sub-specialized Intensive care units, an outpatient clinic which provide services to over 700 patients on a daily basis and a modern ER, OR, and inpatient areas. Currently ASSIH is under expansion and renovation to accommodate a 350-bed capacity and 1200 outpatient.

As-Salam International Hospital is one of top largest private sector tertiary care hospital loctated in Egypt. ASSIH was constructed on 6000 m2. ASSIH makes use of international standards, JCI accredited, and equipped with the latest technologies.

ASSIH has a legacy of over 34 years in providing high quality healthcare services via specialized programs, ranging from outpatient multispecialty clinics to the up-to-date intensive care services.

As-Salam International Hospital offers medical care majorly all branches of medicine and surgery to a wide number of individuals and organizations which includes: companies, authorities, associations and diplomatic institutions according to internationally recognized medical standards.

At ASSIH, the services provides to are listed below:

•Emergency services
•Outpatient services
•In-patient services including medical, nursing and nutrition.
•Sophisticated surgeries
•Laboratory services
•German Rehabilitation Center
•Diagnostic and interventional medical imaging services

At ASSIH, there are highly skilled and trained team of over 300 consultants, 170 specialists and 400 nurses which are all dedicated to providing patient with the highest quality of healthcare services that is based on the principle of quality and patient safety.
The commitment of ASSIH is geared towards quality and continuous improvement, ASSIH is ISO accredited and JCI accredited. Close

More information about Cardiology in Egypt

Cardiovascular System Problems to be treated in Egypt

A individual that has cardio vascular disease or cardiovascular illness could possibly be known to your cardiologist.

The cardiologist is not exactly the exact same being a cardio vascular disease.

The heart physician opens the torso and plays cardiovascular operation.

The cardiologist focuses on treatment and diagnosis for cardio vascular illness. Even the cardiologist will conduct tests, and also a couple can do procedures like coronary heart catheterization, angioplasty or even pacemaker insertion.

Cardiovascular disorder is heart-specific, but cardio vascular disorder affects one's heart, bloodstream, and on occasion possibly equally.

For always a cardiologist in the U.S., mediation medication, three years of internal medicine coaching, and three or more years of cardiology specialization must be achieved.

So when can I require a cardiologist in Cairo? 

Cardiology deals with spirit overall health. When someone has cardiovascular problems signs, his doctor could refer them for a cardiologist. Symptoms indicating that a center problem Include Things like:
Breath Issues
affects at rate of coronary rhythm or rate
hyper tension
Even the cardiologist could do core failure tests or irregular heart rhythms. They often times cure patients who have undergone heart attacksand heart failure or other cardiovascular problems.

Even the cardiologist could advise preventing cardiovascular illness.

A person Might Need to Observe a cardiologist even with no signs, if He's Got a history of Coronary disease or Greater cholesterol if he/she she is smoked when she is diabetes or even when she starts a fresh exercise plan.

Just what can cardiology mean?

The cardiologist may examine the wellbeing of the person and carry out physical test. They can assess the intensity of the person, lung, heart blood pressureblood pressure vessels and also take out a couple evaluations. Even the interventionist cardiologist can accomplish procedures like angioplasty, stents, valveoplastyangioplasty correction of congenital heart defects and coronary thrombectomy.

They're Also Able to purchase or do evaluations as revealed under:

Gear from your catheterization laboratory allows the doctor to discover their condition of this center.

Out-patient ECG: document heart-rate as being a person performs using exercise or even routine pursuits. Very little metallic electrodes are jammed at the chest and also are attached directly into the Holter monitor, which lists that the rhythms.

Stress evaluation: This shows varies in heartbeat from rest and exercise. Steps heart and success speed. 
Echocardiogram: supplies the ultra-sonic picture revealing the structure of one's own heart chambers along with encompassing areas and also shows how in which the core works. 
Echocardiography can measure precisely howmuch coronary heart pump blood vessels, also called coronary output signal. It can notice heart issues, called pericarditis. In addition, it can discover structural abnormalities or cardiovascular infection ailments. 
Cardiac catheterization: Even a little tubing near one's center collects information and could alleviate congestion. It can catch and assess the operation of the middle and also the electric process. Catheter-based fluorescence methods might be properly used to take care of congenital heart disease, ventilatory and coronary cardiovascular disorder. 
Atomic cardiology: atomic listing processes employ radioactive chemicals to examine anti-inflammatory inflammatory ailments along with cardio vascular diseases.

Cardiac Electrophysiology
Cardiac electrophysiology could be your sub-specialization of all cardiology. A physician assesses how that the electric currents over one's center cells do the job, how the existing is dispersing, and also exactly what exactly this indicates can be your own present-day blueprint.

Select a cardiologist in Cairo?

The American Heart Association (AHA) guides individuals to examine regardless of whether their cardiologist is accredited. Patients can test that during the Internal Revenue Medication Council (ABIM) or even the Family Medication Committee (ABFM). In addition it's essential to pick doctor whose sort of communication fits them. At case the cardiologist urges cure that helps it be insecure and pricey, or any time the affected individual doesn't understand the reason why they desire this a-ha therapy, he proposes appearing to find the following comment.